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Elna Press EP120 Ironing Press

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Elna Press EP120 Ironing Press Quick Overview

Elna Press EP120 Ironing Press

Elna Press EP120 Ironing Press Description

Elna Press EP120 Ironing Press

The Elna Press lets you iron all clothes and all fabrics quickly, simply and comfortably. With impeccable results. Pressure, heat and humidity : the Elna Press is the only machine to offer these three functions for a top ironing quality of all your clothes. The Elna Press 120 offers all the pleasure of quick, professional quality ironing. It has the same ironing capacity as the bigger models, at a very attractive price.

Iron like the Pros.

Features of the EP120

* Ironing board: 11 layers of Finnish birch wood
* Heating shoe nonstick material
* Automatic pressure of 45 kg (100 lb)
* Electronic temperature indicator
* Control panel for temperature adjustment
* Electronic safety buzzer and electrical cut off after 10 seconds of inactivity in closed position
* Electronic safety buzzer and automatic cut off power if the Elna Press isn’t used for 15 minutes
* Integrated movable and fixed handle
* Locking mechanism for safe transport
* Spray Bottle
* Instructions Manual included
* Instructional DVD included

How does using an Elna Press 120 Ironing Press differ from traditional ironing (or dry cleaning)?
Large heating shoe covers more area at one time than a hand iron. Effortlessly cuts your ironing time in half
No need to spend time dropping off and picking up dry cleaning
Press a shirt in 1-2 minutes (and pants in 30 seconds to a minute)
Simply lower handle to press – no lifting and reaching, as is the case when using hand iron
Press several layers all at same time

Money saving:
Tap water for steam, not costly distilled water that needs to be hauled home from store
Dry cleaning services are costly especially if something only needs to be pressed rather than cleaned
Padded surface prevents buttons from being broken
Up and down pressing motion does not cause friction and won’t leave shiny marks on fabric, don’t need to replace damaged items
Will not stretch knit fabrics, can actually reshape distorted knits

Lightweight and compact – stores away in closet or maybe on top of washer/dryer.
Easy to set up.
Board is free on both ends for pressing shaped items.
Low maintenance – clean heating shoe occasionally and replace ironing board covers and pads.
Sit down and press, legs are not tired from standing
Do not need to exert any personal pressure unlike a hand iron

Two Handles – both hands are occupied with pressing process so one hand does not accidentally remain on board when lowering heating shoe.
Steam is created when shoe comes in contact with water – water is not boiled within press.
Place on table or counter top – not a wobbly ironing board.
Large empty space behind unit, has enough clearance so when moving item forward, hands do not touch heating shoe.
Unit turns off if left down for more than 10 seconds and buzzer sounds.
Detachable cord.
Eleven layers of Finnish Birch will not warp or corrode when exposed to moisture and heat.
Heating shoe has no perforations or sharp edges.
Special rubber guards are on underside to prevent slipping of surface and will not mark surface.
Locking handles to carry press.

Energy efficiency:
Large heating shoe covers up to 5.5 times more area in a single pressing than a standard hand iron
Press turns itself off if not in use for more than 15 minutes
Personal energy – applies 45 kg (100 lbs) of pressure
1000 watts, equivalent to that of a regular hand iron
Saving money on Gas – cut down on trips to the dry cleaners

Elna Press EP120 Ironing Press Additional Information

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