Double Exposure Animals

Double Exposure Animals

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Double Exposure Animals 

Embroidery Collection

Hoop sizes 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”

(September 2018)

Time to do a double take! You’ll marvel at the beauty in these intricate wildlife stills, but take a closer look at their bodies and discover a peek into their natural habitats! Stitch your favorite animal, whether it be the wild wolf howling at the moon, a sly fox slinking around, or even the wise and watchful owl.  

With 10 animals to choose from in two sizes, each design is created using a combination of appliqué and embroidery. You’ll love the detailed shading and texture in each animal while saving some stitch weight and time with appliqué landscape backgrounds, but we didn’t stop there!

Enjoy these artfully digitized animals by stitching out just their embroidered faces in one of two  size options for a touch of the wild. Whether stitched onto  a tote bag or a denim jacket, these double exposed animals are sure to please any nature lovers in your life!

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