Floriani - Embroidery Perfection Tape - Buy 2 Special

Floriani Wet N Gone - Tacky Tape - Available in 1" & 1/2" Rolls

Rhinestone Setter with 1000 FREE Crystals

HoopSisters Bundle - Trimmer By George 2.0 with a pair of Large & Mini HoopScissors 

Quilter's Select 60mm Rotary Cutter with a Hoopsister's Trimmer by George 2.0 (THE MOST used Item in Mum's Sewing Room!)

Invisi Thread  - Clear & Smoky - 

Double Sided Tape - This is the next most used item by Mum!  Hands don't work as good as they use too - then put this inside your hoop and elimate the stabilizer hooping woes!

Thread Nest Tool -   Precision Turning Tool and more....