BABY LOCK - Elasticating Foot -to suit-Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve & COVERSTITCH

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to suit-Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve & COVERSTITCH

Elasticating Foot for 8-thread Machines


Compatible with: Ovation, Evolution, Evolve & Evolve Wave


2 feet in 1. This foot can be used to insert elastic as well as to insert fishing line or wire into a rolled hem, perfect for bridal veils and costumes. The elastic foot holds the elastic strip in place under the foot so it can be overlocked to the edge without pinning. The adjusting screw on top of the foot regulates the amount of tension on the elastic, therefore altering the amount of stretch in the elastic as it is stitched in place. The guide on the front of the foot can be adjusted for different elastic widths. This foot will accommodate elastic up to 2.5cm in width and offers a really secure and accurate way of attaching elastic. Use for skirts, pants, swimwear, leotards, lingerie and so much more for a professional finish.


Insert fishing line into a rolled hem perfectly to create amazing ruffles for evening wear, scarves, bridal veils and home decor projects. Using the Elasticating foot to insert wire will allow you to create wire edge ribbons, rosettes and other millinery features that are sure to give you the wow factor.


The Elasticating foot can also be used with coverstitch, a triple wide or narrow coverstitch can be used to stitch tensioned elastic onto fabric. The advantage of this is it can be sewn in from the edge of the fabric, which the overlock stitch is restricted to do the same.











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