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Baby Lock - Evolve Workbook


Instructional WorkBook for Evolve


The Baby Lock workbooks are designed to help you get the most out of your overlocker. These workbooks have loads and loads of information on troubleshooting, application of accessory feet, as well as machine settings and sewing instructions for all types of stitches. The workbook encourages you to work through each of the applications and stitch out a sample of each, creating confidence in the ease of the machine and your capabilities.


The Baby Lock Workbooks cover topics such as:


  • Coverstitch
  • 4 Thread stitches
  • 3 Thread stitches
  • 2 Thread stitches
  • How to lock seams
  • Overlocking Curves
  • Gathering & Differential Feed
  • Working with various fabric types
  • Numerous decorative stitching techniques
  • How to attach ribbing, elastic, lace, sequins
  • Working with decorative threads
  • Easy belt loops & spaghetti straps
    ...and so much more


Also features a bonus section full of instructions for using accessory feet with your machine. This is a great tool to keep in your sewing room, with easy reference diagrams and straightforward instructions.