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F100TS-3 - Floriani Thread Boxed Set 3 - Top 100 Colours

$700.00 $1,100.00
Floriani 100 Spool Thread Set 3
100 spools of high sheen, high tensile strength, lubricated embroidery thread which results in excellent production and adds magnificent color and luster to your finished products.
Floriani's Commitment to Quality:  All phases of the Floriani thread manufacturing process are performed in-house to insure quality. Employees are thoroughly trained on the use of the equipment and internal procedures to maintain high level of quality. Each cone is coded so that a lot number, machine, and operator can be identified if necessary. Each lot of new raw material is inspected and tested to make certain the quality of materials going into production are sufficient for producing a quality product. The same is true for finished products. An internal lab is used to test random samples of raw materials and finished cones, for control reasons. Furthermore, an independent, international testing lab is used to measure the quality of threads with respect to tensile strength and color fastness.
No environmentally harmful products or carcinogens are utilized in production. All water used to dye the thread is properly treated to separate dye stuff from the water used in production. The inert sandy, grit material which remains is used as a land fill substance to help fight erosion along the coastlines. The use of certain dyes may change in order to adhere to environmental safety regulations.
Commitment to quality includes the safety of our customers and our planet. 
F100TS3 Colors
PF0002 PF0285 PF0676
PF0004 PF0293 PF0688
PF0006 PF0307 PF0694
PF0008 PF0310 PF0696
PF0010 PF0332 PF0711
PF0013 PF0334 PF0723
PF0017 PF0342 PF0735
PF0023 PF0357 PF0751
PF0101 PF0360 PF0755
PF0111 PF0365 PF0767
PF0117 PF0368 PF0783
PF0125 PF0373 PF0785
PF0129 PF0384 PF0794
PF0133 PF0391 PF0815
PF0137 PF0411 PF0844
PF0147 PF0415 PF1013
PF0156 PF0423 PF1021
PF0165 PF0451 PF1082
PF0170 PF0453 PF1085
PF0182 PF0487 PF1107
PF0186 PF0514 PF1120
PF0196 PF0524 PF1122
PF0201 PF0532 PF1600
PF0214 PF0534 PF1603
PF0220 PF0537 PF1902
PF0222 PF0544 PF1906
PF0232 PF0563 PF1910
PF0243 PF0603 PF2013
PF0247 PF0612 PF2040
PF0253 PF0616 PF6655
PF0261 PF0632 PFK33
PF0263 PF0654 PFK38
PF0265 PF0663  
PF0283 PF0674