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FL12-0371 Tahoe Blue - Floriani 12wt Polyester Thread

SKU: RKFL12-0371

Floriani 12wt Polyester Thread - 400mtr Spool


 Available in 30 colours! Floriani 12 wt Polyester is a thread of many personalities, bringing a bold look to not just decorative embroidery but quilting, top-stitching, long stiches and even upholstery. This thick, sturdy thread can even support projects using heavier materials like leather, canvas, and denim.

Available in 30 colors


FL12-0007 ORIENTAL BLUE RGB Value: 59,136,189
FL12-0074 MEDIEVAL TEAL, RGB Value: 2,102,109
FL12-0083 RASPBERRY RHAPSODY RGB Value: 176,40,94
FL12-0100 OYSTER RGB Value: 232,226,226
FL12-0104 ROSETTA RGB Value: 238,139,166
FL12-0133 POWDER PUFF RGB Value: 181,122,170
FL12-0195 RUSSET RGB Value: 138,31,62
FL12-0200 TRUE GREEN RGB Value: 0,122,68
FL12-0228 CAPE GREEN RGB Value: 145,203,105
FL12-0259 GREY WOOL RGB Value: 42,68,54
FL12-0357 NAVY BLUE RGB Value: 30,59,103
FL12-0362 PASTEL BLUE RGB Value: 114,171,206
FL12-0369 BLUE FROST RGB Value: 153,210,219
FL12-0371 TAHOE BLUE RGB Value: 42,167,194
FL12-0433 PALE STERL GREY RGB Value: 179,175,178
FL12-0451 LT. TAUPE RGB Value: 167,152,140
FL12-0486 SLATE GRAY RGB Value: 102,102,104
FL12-0524 OLD ATHLETIC GOLD RGB Value: 241,170,19
FL12-0531 VANILLA RGB Value: 235,212,148
FL12-0537 CARROT RGB Value: 240,120,41
FL12-0540 CREAM RGB Value: 231,233,178
FL12-0542 COCKATOO RGB Value: 236,227,68
FL12-0563 OLD GOLD RGB Value: 177,138,63
FL12-0603 PLUM PEWTER RGB Value: 106,65,121
FL12-0702 FIRE ENGINE RED RGB Value: 202,38,54
FL12-0713 ANTIQUE BRONZE RGB Value: 138,76,53
FL12-0741 POTTERY BUFF, RGB Value: 211,178,150
FL12-0778 AMBER BEIGE RGB Value: 110,73,60
FL12-0800 WHITE RGB Value: 230,230,251
FL12-0900 BLACK RGB Value: 46,49,52