TLCV010 - Thread, Cotton, Variegated - Princess 3000 yd

TLCV010 - Thread, Cotton, Variegated - Princess 3000 yd

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Cotton Machine Quilting Thread - 40 weight, 3 ply

This American made 100% spun cotton is the perfect choice to quilt your next masterpiece! The unique colour combinations of our variegated style will give a dramatic effect to borders, sashing’s and of course the centre piece!

Our solid colours will accent the fabric beautifully with an understated elegance.

Use for traditional or machine quilting as well as open-work style embroidery for in the hoop quilting!

Available in 15 Solid colours and 15 Variegated Colours, 500 or 3000 yard spools 

Recommended Needle Type: This natural fibre will perform its best with a size 12 or 14 Topstitch needle.

Care Suggestions:

Ironing: Use a medium temperature setting.

Laundry: When using a washing machine/dryer take care with the quilting or embellishment as not to expose the stitching to open zippers or buttons as this may cause a snag.

Do not pack embellished articles tightly in the washing machine, they should be able to circulate freely. Use a mild detergent and cool water. Never leave embellished articles soaking in water or in a pile of wet garments.

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