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BABY LOCK - Belt Loop Folder - 2 Sizes

SKU: BLB0421S12A-E-19mm

to suit- Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve, Evolve Wave

Belt Loop Folder for 8-thread Machines


Suitable for: Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve & Evolve Wave, Euphoria & Coverstitch 

Sizes available: 19mm & 38mm

This accessory attaches to the sewing table and uses a wide or triple coverstitch. It can be used for creating belt loops on jeans, skirts and jackets as well as straps for bags and craft items. It produces very time efficient, neat, professional results.

You'll have plenty of options with 19mm (3/4"") or 38mm (1 1/2") Belt Loop Folders, using a triple or wide coverstitch on your machine. Easily create straps, drawstrings, decorative trim, purse handles and of course, belt loops. This binder takes all of the work out of bias strips by folding and pressing them for you.