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BABY LOCK - Bias Binder Single Fold - 2 Sizes

SKU: BLB0421S04A-E-28mm

to suit- Gloria, Ovation, Euphoria,Evolution, Evolve, Evolve Wave

Single Fold Bias Binder for 8-thread Machines

Suitable for: Gloria, Ovation, Euphoria, Evolution, Evolve & Evolve Wave

Sizes available: 28mm & 40mm

This binder is used for edging projects, and works in a similar way to the double fold bias binders. Single Fold Bias Binders, as the name suggests, only folds the binding on the top side, leaving the underside flat. This is more useful for attaching woven fabric where less bulk is required. The lower edge of the fabric is covered by the coverstitch preventing fraying. It is perfect for use with windcheaters and t-shirts, bibs and aprons. Used with a wide coverstitch, these binders create one row of stitching on the binding, and one row of stitching on the fabric underneath. This gives a very neat, commercial finish. This attachment can also be used to create a ruffled decorative edge on the wrong side of the binding if a chainstitch is used.