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Butterfly Cutwork

$60.00 $120.00


Heirloom Collection

Hoop sizes 4” x 4” to 6” x 10”

You are going to love the latest addition to our vintage line titled Butterfly Cutwork. The difference between this collection and old fashion cutwork is instead of cutting each hole by hand after the design is completed, you cut the holes first and let the design embroider over them. We accomplish this using a unique cutwork technique that is taught in our comprehensive tutorial.  

There are 46 different files total and the project for this collection was tea towels, which make the perfect addition to any kitchen. This collection and they way we chose the colors in the designs differ from almost anything else we’ve ever done. We decided to make the designs tonal, meaning all of the colors are in the same shade, which is also the shade of the base fabric.  

It is actually an easy technique; simply choose 7 or 8 colors that are all a shade apart. For example on the pink tea towel we chose 8 shades of pink thread.  The best part of this technique is that you can mix brands of thread without issue.  After the colours are chosen simply use them at random, they will all look beautiful together and go perfectly with the background.

Remember, choose your fabric first and then choose 7 or 8 shades of thread to go with it. No matter what your colour choice is the designs are guaranteed to look great.  

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download, including PDF tutorial and collection design files in all machine formats; it is not available on disc.