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Jenny Haskins' Sheer Magic PLUS - White FUSIBLE 30" x 3 yards


Sheer Magic Plus

Sheer Magic Plus
Fusible Woven Support for Dense Embroidery on Light Fabrics

Adding embroidery to some fabrics can cause distortion. This can be due to the density of the embroidery or the lack of thread count in the fabric. Adding a high stitch count embroidery design to fabrics like quilt cotton, batiste or silk can cause puckering and/or uneven outlines. Fusing Sheer Magic Plus to the fabric before stabilizing will give the needed support for the embroidery to relax and lay properly. Sheer Magic Plus will not change the drape of the material but removes the need for "over stabilizing" which can cause the design to become hard or stiff.

  • Creates a bond with delicate fabrics without changing the face or drape of the fabric
  • Fuse over the back of an embroidery design to cover scratchy stitches.
  • Keeps fabric from raveling or shredding during the embroidery or stitching process.
  • Available in Natural and Black

To use Sheer Magic Plus:

  1. Cut a piece of Sheer Magic at least one inch larger than the embroidery design area.
  2. Place the fusible side (textured side) of Sheer Magic Plus to the wrong side of the fabric and press using a low temp, dry iron (silk setting) **It is necessary to use a pressing cloth or sheet between the iron and Sheer Magic Plus.
  3. Using the appropriate stabilizer in addition to Sheer Magic Plus, embroider or embellish the garment.

If desired, after the embroidery is complete, fuse one layer of Sheer Magic Plus over the back of the design to keep it from scratching the wearer's skin. Use a burst of steam to create a permanent bond between Sheer Magic and the base fabric. **Refer to step two when fusing.

Sizes available: 
30" x 3 yds