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Jenny Haskins' Thread - #7 Merlot 1000 mtr

$8.00 $16.50

Jenny's brand new 1000 mtr (1100 yard) spools of Rayon Thread are made in Japan exclusively for Jenny Haskins.

The Jenny Haskins Rayon is designed to run smoothly on any machine but has the strength to endure the speed of commercial embroidery machines.

Jenny's thread has an amazing high sheen and is color fast with a reliable dye-lot consistency not always found in Rayon Threads.

If you know Jenny you will not be surprised that her brand new thread line offers 167 "Brilliant" colours.

In addition to the Rayon Jenny has introduced 17 colors of Metallic Threads that stitch as smoothly and flawlessly as her Rayon.

No need to change your needle when using the Jenny Haskins Metallic's it is designed to run perfectly in your machine just as it is.

The new 40 weight Jenny Haskins Rayon and Metallic's will enhance the beauty of all embroidery.