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PJ's - Lighten the Load

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PJ's in the Hoop

Hoop sizes 6” x 10” to 9.5” x 14”

This project, requiring a 6x10 hoop, features 7 design files, including a zippered compartment to attach inside and/or make as a separate accessory. The remaining bag pieces feature front and back fabrics and dense fleece batting, along with lots of decorative stitching and a simulated “woven” look. The front and the unique fastening strap (including the Velcro), as well as the back, its outside pocket, and flap, are all completed entirely in the hoop. At that point the front and back are sewn together with traditional sewing, along with adding the binding to the top edge and your choice of handle. The finished bag is 10½” tall, 9½” wide at its widest point, and 2½” deep, so it has adequate space for most of what you actually use in your oversized bag.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download, including PDF tutorial and collection design files in all machine formats; it is not available on disc.