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BABY LOCK - ELx705-14 Needles - Size 14 (pk/10)

$14.95 $16.95
SKU: BLELx705-14

BABY LOCK - BLELx705-14Needles - Size 14 (pk/10)

Suitable for Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve, Evolve Wave, Euphoria & Coverstitch 

  • Suitable for 8-thread machines.
  • Suitable for the Euphoria and Coverstitch machines.

Your Baby Lock Machine is only as good as the needles in it! Organ Needles are designed and manufactured to deliver outstanding performance on your Baby Lock. The ELx705 size: 14 are the needles recommended for all Baby Lock 8-Thread combination and coverstitch models for cover/chain stitching.