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              It's finally READY!   

Thanks for waiting, sorry!  I jumped the gun a little too soon with excitement on facebook .... ok  let's go...

Remember the good old days when we  thought we were the bee'zs knees and discovered printable inkjet fabric.  It was awesome, you could create a photo quilt or cushion and print anything! It looked amazing at first, then the pictures faded (or  ran) when washed, all that time and work ... 

Great News... 

We have a NEW and EXCITING solution to this problem


(actually ANY Fabric!) although, cotton is the quilters' preferred choice!

Mum has created something very special for us .....



 Can I get a WOW !   


 ok  if you didn't go wow then, how about this......


not me ... the picture quality!

Me and Pippy on my wedding day.... yep ages ago!. 

GOSH! I looked OK back then (lol)

The Original Picture is straight from the album  ..... and on the right printed on 100% Cotton -  NO modifications or touch-ups  - straight from the digital file. AWESOME Quality !!

Here's another pic  .... just in case you think its a trick  (definitely not)

The quilt picture is as picture-perfect as the printed photo from our wedding album.  Just amazing!!   I think I heard a few gasps from y'all 

Just think what you could do with your photos; the possibilities are endless.

Here's a few things we thought of.....

Wedding photo quilt -  from the Mother of the Bride / Groom -  Wedding Gift to couple - there special day to remember - (obviously you need the wedding and photo's before you can give the quilt) but it's still a wonderful gift and any Bride would love it.

Family Tree Quilt -  Pictures of all the family and ones loved and lost, Son, Daughter, Mum, Dad, Grandparents, Great Grandparents - go as far back as you have pics for! (or names)  ... this would be wonderful for your kids to treasure in the future.

Baby Quilt - your Daughter/Daughter in law - photos of the pregnancy up to the birth; continue adding pictures until they are 21; when you make that photo collage to embrass them on their 21st.   But boy they are great memories of growing up and where they are today.

Travelling Memories Quilt - all those holidays you've had and fondly remember, put them into a quilt - what a great present for your husband and a reminder that it's time for another trip ?

Medals Quilt - Did you have someone that served in WWI, WWII.  Army, Navy, Airforce - vets or still in the force now. Photo's in uniform dressed with medals, proud for serving our country or other countries.  Remember without these brave people past and present our country would not be what it is today. 

Thank you for your service.

When I wrote this 2 weeks ago, I had a special person in mind.  This would be perfect gift for all the support she has given us through the last 3 years of covid self inflicted isolation!, hence, the reason for delay in opening this page.

Mum has just finished this Special quilt to show you; that it can be from any photo's  -  though the better the quality picture and resolution, the better the picture will print. 

 Anzac Day 2023  Melbourne

A compilation of photo's from Mimi & Clinton - Mum spent days making the quilt, laying out the pictures and created this fabulous memory quilt for them; we just hope they love it! Surprise Guys!

Here are a few of the pics up close (David changed a black & white photo to colour!) 



Left - the quilt - and right - original picture .... other than the lighting - it's near picture-perfect!   

I think I could go on and on (and on)  but, I have more so must continue.....

Benefits of this Print process - it will not fade, it's washable (do not bleach), you can iron it (low temperature) and it will last.  I don't know how long (as I won't be here forever to find out!) but for now, you'll have to trust me. 


We put  YOUR pictures on our fabric for you, YOU make the Quilt.

Simple process - You send us your pictures via email to:                     andresprintshop@gmail.com 

David (super editor and Mr Creative) - will work his magic (enhance/crop/re-size images) to get the best possible picture; to the size/s you select.  Remember - You cannot make a silk purse out of sow's ear!  so resolution of your photo's is very important to any printing job.

We print your pics and put them on Quilter's Deluxe 100% Cotton fabric (Natural/Cream).

However, we can print on any fabric - coloured, patterned, with Glitter (or without!) Yes, I still love Glitter!  To see what we have - take look under the heading - Mum's Fabrics    (POA and subject to availability).

If you are not a Quilter or Sewer - we CUSTOM make the Quilt for you. Please contact us on 0400-703-851 - to discuss..


Photo Image original size is normally 4" x 6" image.  Required Resolution 300 ppi or more.  Designs can be resized / cropped / adjusted to suit any size. 

Print Area                 FULL COLOUR PRINTING 

4"x4"    4"X6"   5"X5"     6"X6"           (supplied on 8" square)

5" x 7"  7"x7"   6"X8"     8"x8"             (supplied on 10" square)

9"x9"  10"x10"  8"X11"  11"x11"          (supplied on 13" square)

11.5" x18"  and larger                         (supplied on 20" x 13" rectangle)   

(Note: Fabric supplied includes a 2 inch seam allowance - for each block (eg.  8x8" image will be centered on a 10"x10" block - 100% Cotton Quilter's Deluxe (this allows you to sew sashings / borders etc to make up your quilt).

BIG HINT - The easy patchwork way - If you have embroidery machine - hoop it up and use Quilting 1,2,3 (jump forward over quilting all over the block you really don't want to stitch through the picture) - add folded fabric borders, make sashings (if you want) then put it all together the Anita way!   Easy as 1,2,3!


BIG DISCOUNTS on print quantity  - ANY SIZE image as follows:- 

 4 prints (Any Size) - 5% 

10 prints (Any Size) - 10% 

15 prints (Any Size) - 15%

25 prints (Any Size)  20%

BULK prints 50+ - please call us 0400-703-851

also, any Print Orders over $100 - FREE SHIPPING  (Aust-wide)

Maximum print size is  280mm wide by 50cm long 

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Making lives Memorable!


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