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Baby Lock - Imagine Accessory DVD


Accessory DVD for Imagine & Imagine Wave

Suitable for Acclaim, Enlighten, Victory, Imagine and Imagine Wave.

An instructional DVD showing how to use all the different accessory feet that are available.


Baby Lock Instructional DVD’s are designed to help you get the most from your overlocker. Each of these are packed with educational information to guide you through the operation of your overlocker from the basics through to advanced decorative techniques.

The Imagine Wave Instructional DVD is designed to take you through the functions of your machine. The information on the DVD will show you how to set up your machine for all of the built in functions your machine has to offer. From basic threading to Rolled Hemming and Flatlocking, you will be taken through step by step. The Instructional DVD is a fabulous reminder of the information given to you in your free lessons from your retailer.

The Accessory DVD is fantastic for the beginner to the sewing enthusiast, taking you through all the feet and attachments available for your machine, guiding you through their applications and showing you the complete potential of your machine. Each foot is demonstrated showing the required set up of your machine, the way the fabrics must be fed into the machine and the final results of the product. Many of the feet and attachments have secondary applications that we have discovered and we share this inspiration with you on this DVD. 

The DVD is packed with many extras such as tips and tricks, decorative threads, care and maintenance and much more. The Instructional DVD is set up in separate chapters so referencing your favourite section is quick and easy