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BABY LOCK - Clear Foot - 8 Thread

SKU: BLB5002S14A

to suit- Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve, Evolve Wave

Clear Foot for 8-thread Machines

Compatible with: Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve & Evolve Wave

This foot works just like the flat sole foot and can be used for general purpose overlocking and coverstitch stitches. This foot is particularly useful for decorative stitching as you can see the fabric under the foot right up to the needles. This makes it easy to guide the fabric into place perfectly to achieve stunning decorative finishes. It also ensures a perfect finish using coverstitch on circular projects such as hemming jeans or sleeves. Stitching over intersecting seams, the flat sole on this foot prevents puckering and needle breakage. This foot can be used for all overlocking but due to the smooth underside, does not create a good gather on a single layer of fabric.