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Charmed Life

$60.00 $120.00


Embroidery Collection

Hoop sizes 4” x 4” to 6” x 10”

Do you dream of a “Charmed Life?” Well, we have a collection for you! Dress up any t-shirt or tunic with these great charm designs. We created some fun samples with towels. First we created a shoe bag to carry your shoes to gym and then we made a cute bag from a towel, perfect for that wet swimsuit. Have fun and see what kind of projects you can come up with for these stylish “Charming” designs.

Charms are everywhere you look these days. You see them dangling from wrists, necklaces and pocketbooks. We thought embroidered charms would be a neat idea. You could embroider the designs on bags, towels and pillowcases, we even had the idea to embroider the chains that would connect them. Then, a funny thing happened, we started seeing charms on clothing! This is a collection that was originally planned as a home décor collection and it still very much is. When the collection was half finished we decided to add some examples on clothing and we think they look spectacular. You will love these designs on your clothes whether you are 12 or 55! The following pages will give you inspiration for home items and clothing. Now, lets talk a little about the designs in the collection.

There are twenty different charms in the main part of the collection, most of the designs are appliqué. We choose bright fabrics as our appliqué fabrics along with metallic thread for our thread colors. They are charms and we wanted to try to simulate metal and enamel. Each of the charms comes four different ways. They all come in three different sizes, approximately 6.25”, 5” and 3.25” versions. The fourth version is the large size without the clasp in case you wanted to embroider the design on other items without a chain. There are also eight small charms that are approximately 3” tall. To round out the collection we include a variety of chains to connect the charms. There are necklace chains, tunic chains, and connecting chains.

We created an assortment of projects for this collection including a towel set, two unique towel bags and an assortment of garments. Since this is a home décor and fashion collection we are including a large assortment of tutorials. The following pages will show you the design colours and projects and project tutorials.

Please Note: This item is a digital download, including PDF tutorial and collection design files in all machine formats; it is not available on disc.