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Jenny Haskin's Ultra Light Quilt Magic Fusible Fleece - Multiple Sizes

$50.00 $60.00

Jenny Haskins - Ultra Lite Quilt Magic Fusible Fleece

Enjoy the softness and flexibility of this super light, fusible quilt batting.  Create "non-bulk" quilted garments that move with your or adorable baby quilts that will pack in a diaper bag.

Full size quilts, hand bags and pillows will be noticeably perfect and easily constructed.  The uses are unlimited for this versatile fleece and because it is fusible, stitching can be as random as you desire!

To Use:

Fuse the shiny, textured side of  Ultra Lite Quilt Magic to the back of the fabric using a medium temperature setting on your iron or press.  Stem is not necessary but will ot harm the fleece if you use it while pressing the item.  Be sure your iron touches the fabric, NOT the fleece.  Use a pressing cloth if needed.

**  Just like traditional quilt battitng, it is also recommended to cut Ultra Lite Quilt Magic at least one inch larger than your fabric piece and then trim to size once it is fused into place.

**  Because all irons vary in temperature setting, start t a lower setting and gradually increase the heat setting until you get a good fuse.


Available Sizes -   60" x 1 yd;   60" x 5 yds,  60" x 15 yds.