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PJ's Build a Blankie

$29.00 $66.00


PJ's in the Hoop

Hoop sizes 6” x 10” to 9.5” x 14”

A riddle for you--what do you sew successfully and then immediately cut up? The answer should be easy, since there is a picture attached--a rag quilt! But this rag quilt is a little different than normal, since it created in the hoop! The blocks--there are 13 different styles for a 150mm-wide hoop--are created, quilted, and joined in rows in the hoop, then the rows are stitched together with the sewing machine to complete the quilt. You can make each row as long as you wish and create as many rows as you wish. Once the rows are joined, you clip the exposed seam allowances, throw it into the washer and dryer to fray the edges, and you’re ready for some serious winter cuddling!

Please Note:   This item is a digital download, including PDF tutorial and collection design files in all machine formats; it is not available on disc.