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Mylar Solid Colours - Turquoise


Mylar Solid Colours 
Suitable for Machine Embroidery (not washable)

1 Sheet Pack - each Sheet 18 x 30 inches (45 x 76cm)


Please Note: The Opal film and coloured opal film, both can be laundered; Dried in the dryer on low heat and ironed under Walt's Pressing Cloth (Floriani) and the film will not be affected. We do not recommend high heat or dry cleaning. Do not iron directly on the film.

Solid Colour Films - can be used for Machine Embroidery - however, be warned, I would not use the colours on items to be laundered in any way; as the colour could wash out.

These Solid Colour Films would be great on art quilts, greeting cards, purses and bags, Free standing lace ornaments, 3D flowers or Butterflies or other projects. Let your imagination run wild. You are only limited by your imagination. Solid Colour Film for Embroidery per sheet - each Sheet 18 x 30 inches (45 x 76cm)

Each Solid Colour is listed separately for Ordering - There are a total of 22 Colours Available - as follows Azalea, Black, Blue, Blue Turquoise, Bronze, Burgundy, Copper, Cranberry, Fuschia, Gold, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Satin Green, Satin Peach, Silver, Teal, Turquoise, White.