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Jenny Haskin's Template Magic - Sheets 8.5"x11"- Pk20


Template Magic

Template Magic
Self Adhesive Embroidery Design Placement Paper

Ever wonder how Jenny creates such large gorgeous embroidery ensembles with perfection? Now you will know her secret! Print a template of each of your embroidery designs on Jenny's new Template Magic from your embroidery software. Stick the template down onto the surface of the fabric to be embroidered in the desired position. Use the center crossing lines to position your embroidery hoop and center the design with complete accuracy. Once positioned, remove the template and use it again the next time you stitch the design. Template Magic is sheer enough to see the background fabric through the paper so that designs can be easily and accurately positioned! Use for positioning embroidery designs on any surface such as quilts, jackets, jeans and more!

To use Template Magic:

1.  Print the embroidery image from your software directly on the Template Magic. Be sure to have your software set to print “actual design size” and also to print the design cross hairs for centering. – Trim the template to where it will fit the inside area of your embroidery hoop. 

2.  Once the piece is trimmed, peel back the release paper to expose the adhesive. 

3.  Stick the template to the surface of the fabric to be embroidered. Position it where you desire the embroider to be completed. 

4.  Hoop the fabric (or stick it down to Jenny’s Hoop Magic). Try to position the fabric so that the printed cross hairs of your Template Magic align with the hoops center marks. 


5.  Position the hoop so that when the needle is lowered, it will be in the exact center of the printed cross hairs

6.  Peel back the Template Magic and replace it on the release paper for use the next time you stitch the design.

 7.  Stitch the design!  

 Finished project!!

**Follow the directions below for hooping your fabric.

  1. Lay the inner part of the embroidery frame on the surface of the item to be embroidered. (The Template Magic will be inside the frame stuck to the garment.)
  2. Align the centering marks on the hoop with the printed cross hairs on the Template Magic as closely as possible.
  3. Slide the outer frame under the garment or fabric and hoop the item. *Tip - Use a few pieces of Wonder Tape by Collins on the underside of your inner embroidery frame to keep it from shifting while you hoop!
  4. Lower your needle by turning the hand-wheel of your machine to make sure the design is aligned in the center. If you are off, simply use your machines centering feature to move the design until the needle drops in the center of the printed Template's cross hair lines.
  5. Remove Template Magic from the surface of the garment and embroider!

Size Available:
8.5" x 11" printable sheets - 20 sheets per package